The School of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship (SME School) is a project of the Vasyl Khmelnytsky K.Fund foundation, aimed at promoting the development of entrepreneurship in the cities of Ukraine by providing quality timely knowledge and effective practical skills to entrepreneurs with different levels of experience. During the training, students will be able to get answers to questions that concern them, as well as professional advice.

The curriculum at the SME School provides an intensive course on the main aspects of business organization and entrepreneurship. After that, the students work on business plans for several weeks, receiving the advisory support of the School’s teachers.

“Entrepreneurs are active citizens who create new jobs, change reality, increase the competitiveness of the city’s economy, and the state as a whole. Usually, small and medium-sized businesses need new knowledge to develop their own business, find new markets but do not have time to get. Therefore, the School is happy to share knowledge and skills with entrepreneurs in different regions of Ukraine” Lidia Pashchuk, Head of SME School

Entrepreneurs, representatives of leading Ukrainian business schools with many years of experience, people with expertise in organization, restructuring, advisory support of small and medium enterprises, training in various areas of business teaching at the School.

Since the 2016 year, the team of the SME School has conducted more than 40 training programs of the SME School in 14 cities of Ukraine, more than 1,000 entrepreneurs have graduated from the School.

The SME School is a progressive community of educated representatives of small and medium business, created by Ukrainians for Ukrainians. The purpose of the project is the development of entrepreneurship through the provision of quality relevant knowledge and effective practical skills to entrepreneurs with different levels of experience in all regions of Ukraine.