Olena Dobrorodnieva UFuture Talents performing at HR Wisdom Summit 2019 - UFuture

UFuture Talents in “TOP-100. Ranking of the Largest”

UFuture Talents was recognized as one of the best corporate education programs of the year in Ukraine. UFuture’s Director of Organizational Development and Project Manager of UFuture Talents, Olena Dobrorodnieva, received the award during the seventh HR Wisdom Summit organized by the business and media bureau ekonomika+, Delo.ua portal, and “TOP-100. Ranking of the Largest” project.

The winners were selected through online voting at Delo.ua website (40% of the results) and surveying of experts and market participants (60%).

“Ukraine’s educational system — and business education in particular — is in need of new models. As a rapidly changing innovative business, we believe it’s necessary to experiment and look for new effective solutions, so we developed several educational projects at once that create a strong foundation for our partners and employees in realizing their potential. UFuture Talents is one of these experiments. Not only do we strengthen our company with new strong players, but also give a positive impetus to the market, as a part of the program’s participants returned to their businesses with a new vision and attitude towards development. We plan to launch the next phase of the program by the end of this year and we are currently working on its improvement,” Olena Dobrorodnieva said.

This year’s HR Wisdom Summit, which took place on July 11, 2019, at UNIT.City, was dedicated to three trends that shape the HR realm: digitalization, deregulation, and diversification. Among the speakers were more than 20 leading experts in personnel management and organizational development. The event was attended by almost 500 people.

Apart from UFuture, 25 more companies have received the award. The full list of the leaders in such categories as “top-performing training programs of companies,” “brands of employers,” and “the best HR managers” will be published in the upcoming July issue of “TOP-100. Ranking of the Largest | Personalities, Brands, Employers.”

UFuture Talents is a unique management training program for Ukrainian entrepreneurs which gives them a chance to test themselves in real business situations. This allows participants to better understand their strengths and weaknesses on one hand, and on the other hand — it helps UFuture to find talented and ambitious professionals who share their values.

Photo by Delo.ua.