“Ukrainian Business Still Doesn’t See the Opportunities,” Igor Komendo, GoLOCAL Director

Grants are an effective and efficient tool for the growth, and not only for non-profit organizations, but also for businesses. The largest donors in the world are:

  • developed countries (USA, Sweden, Germany, etc.);
  • European Union;
  • international organizations.
“There are a lot of grant opportunities for business. Both local and European and global,” Igor Komendo, head of the GoLOCAL NGO, said in an interview with Tiger News.

The main mistake entrepreneurs make when preparing to submit a grant application is a weak proceeding of the donor`s criteria. Usually, donors are agencies of foreign countries. These are very bureaucratic organizations that require compliance with all the rules: both in format and in substance. Therefore, the criteria need to be carefully studied.

“Ukraine could raise up to $7 billion with grant opportunities. Resources are underused, in particular due to lack of information,” said Igor Komendo.

Three mistakes applicants make:

  • they broke promises: if something fails or conditions change, let your donor know, he will understand (much worse when you tell that at the end);
  • they prepare for the grant application on the last day;
  • they risk their reputation.

Cooperation with donors is largely about reputation. If you risk your reputation at least once, they will not work with you anymore. If everything is done good, they will be interested in continuing to cooperate with you.

On leadership

Komendo named four key virtues that a leader has:

  • excellent expertise in a specific area;
  • broad-minded;
  • constant eagerness for growth, new horizons etc.;
  • wide network.
“In fact, leaders are not that much striving to become leaders. Instead they are being encouraged to do so – because they are need,” the GoLOCAL director said.

For more information on grants and grant opportunities for businesses follow the link.