“Ukraine is becoming an increasingly attractive location for IT business,” Renata Karpenko

Renata Karpenko, UNIT.Recruitment

The IT crisis is over because of the pandemic. For most companies, the transition to telecommuting was a challenge that not everyone was ready for, and recruited IT staff began knocking on recruiters in search of new opportunities. But last fall the situation changed dramatically. According to Renata Karpenko, managing partner of UNIT.Recruitment, there is a growing interest in IT specialists from food and service companies, and Ukraine itself is becoming an increasingly attractive location for technology business.

In her column for NV, she shared her thoughts on the new boom in IT and the peculiarities of “hunting” for a candidate:

  • Many businesses began to change and actively digitalize. In the past, even the most confident IT companies were afraid to take the step of hiring people remotely. There are currently no geographical boundaries. You can hire the best candidates from anywhere in the country and the world and for any budget.
  • The problem that 90% of companies now face is market overheating, which the companies themselves have created. In conditions of fierce competition and limited time, companies are forced to raise the level of salaries to buy the necessary specialists from competitors.
  • Already today we can note an increase in wages in the IT segment — by 10-20% compared to the summer. There were no more candidates on the market, and the number of offers increased sharply.
  • The struggle for the best talents is getting tougher: salaries are rising, recruiters are increasingly bothering potential candidates. Recruiters try to find their own approach and develop their own individual style of communication to get the best talent.
  • We try to identify all possible risks for the company at once. If wages are significantly different from those dictated by the labour market, there is a high risk that this company could potentially become a donor for larger and more aggressive players, who may offer higher wages and buy out employees.

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