The Good Plastic Company, a manufacturer of decorative panels made of recycled plastic, has become a resident of the Bila Tserkva Industrial Park, which is being developed by the UFuture holding company.

"The Good Plastic Company became the sixth resident of the Bila Tserkva Industrial Park. The company signed a contract and started production in a new production and storage building of ​​over 5,600 square meters in December 2021, 4 months after the first visit to the industrial park and inspection of the building, which was then under construction. The full-scale production launch is expected in April this year after the installation of all equipment. The company plans to employ more than 30 people from Bila Tserkva at the plant," said Andriy Ropitsky, director of Bila Tserkva Industrial Park.

The main features of the unique production of The Good Plastic Company:

  • 75%of existing types of plastic can be remanufactured using their equipment;
  • 100% use of renewable energy;
  • 0 kg of CO2 emissions produced during manufacturing.

The Good Plastic Company’s panels are made from granules of previously used plastic: old appliances, disposable forks and spoons, yogurt bottles, bumpers, ocean debris, etc. The company’s mission is to contribute to solving the problem of the 400 million tonnes of plastic waste that are generated annually.

Besides Ukraine, The Good Plastic Company has production facilities in the Netherlands. It also plans to locate production facilities in the UK, USA and Asia. The Good Plastic Company works with global brands such as Nike and Adidas.

In November 2021, Ukrainian entrepreneurs Andriy Fedoriv, CEO of Fedoriv Group, and co-founders of Nova Poshta Volodymyr Popereshnyuk and Vyacheslav Klimov, became the investors of the company.

According to Fedoriv, ​​98% of The Good Plastic Company’s products produced in Ukraine are exported.