Ecosystem strength. Why UNIT.City almost didn’t lose capacity during the pandemic, — Vasyl Khmelnytsky, founder of UFuture

Companies operating in UNIT.City — an innovation park that develops UFuture — are growing up to 50% per year. Similar on the market — up to 20-25%. What’s the secret? That UNIT.City creates an ecosystem for its residents that promotes growth. Vasyl Khmelnytsky, the founder of the UFuture holding company, talked about this and much more in the podcast “What are you doing?” with Daria Zarivna on Vector.

About the path in business

Every novice businessman wants to make money. Money is the main motivator for a young person. I was no exception — I started from scratch. To earn the first capital, I had to work three jobs. And when he had enough money, he invested everything in his business. And I liked it.

“With age, I realized that in life, in addition to money, there are values. They add motivation.”

About UNIT.City

During a pandemic, few people earn money — food delivery services, food, taxis, etc. But most lose.

UNIT.City innovation park lost some tenants but lost much less than others. We showed flexibility, gave discounts, and extended contracts. And most importantly — gave people the benefits of working in the ecosystem. Companies operating in UNIT.City is growing up to 50% per year, while similar ones in Kyiv are growing by 20-25% per year. That is why today we are recovering quite quickly: it is very profitable for us to work. Since the beginning of the pandemic, some business centers in Kyiv have lost up to 50%, and we have lost only 10%.

Our task is to create an ecosystem in which any company that comes here would grow faster than the city average. We have invested about $180 million in the project, and this year we will still be in the red. But soon UNIT.City will definitely justify the investment made in it. We will make money on services, schools, coworking, accelerators, etc. Why? Because it helps businesses grow.

About international expansion

UNIT.City needs foreign companies that have a cool experience. That they teach our residents how to raise funds, how to find innovations, how to implement them. Collaboration of foreign companies with enormous experience with Ukrainian companies with enormous energy will have a very serious effect.

Today we have 10-12% of foreign companies. I want 30% of them.

"We will fight for every company of world importance that decides to enter Ukraine."

About the info field

In today’s world you can’t help but talk about yourself. If you don’t talk about yourself, others will think of you.

If a young man worked for a long time, created a cool startup, and earned $1 million on it, would anyone believe that he did it himself? No. People will say: he was lucky, he stole them or just someone gave.

If you work hard and at the same time talk a little about yourself — where you are going, what difficulties you are having – it will be much more productive.

About mentoring

If you do not have a mentor, then you think you understand everything. And this is a very dangerous path. People who think so often get depressed.

I have mentors in different areas, and I can honestly say that there are those who would like to get there. For example, I was impressed by the approaches of the American financier Ray Dalio.

Listen to the podcast via the link to learn how to build a business during a pandemic, motivate yourself and grow throughout your life.