Anti-pandemic skills Waze navigation


To say that 2020 has forced us to rethink Darwin’s statement, “the stronger survives,” is to say nothing. In the world of business and technology, the concept of “strength” now clearly includes power and strength and adaptability, flexibility, ability to react quickly, and take risks. Yes, even as a company owned by a powerful corporation, it is impossible to insure against the world’s surprises. The history of the free navigation application for mobile devices Waze (owned by technology giant Google) is an exact experience of counteracting the inevitable consequences of the coronary crisis.

Decrease to survive

Quarantine has caused enormous damage to the transport industry. Remote work during times of hard lockdown has reduced traffic congestion in Europe and the United States if it has not removed cars from the streets at all. The new reality has dramatically reduced the number of Waze customers — hence the revenue from advertisers. This year’s April was the month of the largest decline: 60% fewer miles travelled in the US and 90% fewer in Italy. Waze, which provided drivers and passengers with real-time traffic information, optimal paved routes, received and transmitted data to consumers, closed offices in Asia and Latin America, and laid off 5% of its staff to save itself and enter new markets.

Redistribute resources transparently

Waze, as an employer, understood that dismissal during a pandemic was a harsh measure. Especially when it is a circumstance in which the employee is not guilty. 30 “wazers” from the marketing and sales departments, who were forced to leave their posts, will receive an airbag and health insurance from the company in early 2021, — says management. The release aims to redirect resources to engineering departments’ development in the technical infrastructure to improve Waze products for users. Each dismissed worker received a letter with the most honest information about the events caused by the pandemic.

Close and redirect

The advertising department remained in the minority and focused on key markets, which generate 93% of revenue and provide 95% of users. The company has closed local sales offices in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.
The reduced team of the Carpool Partnerships unit has focused on reducing partnerships with certain products, the private and public sectors.
To remain transparent and explain the consequences of each employee’s pandemic restrictions was meaningful for Waze management. The reduced departments received an obvious explanation of the situation.

Support and advise

In addition to the promised bonuses and health insurance, the company provided opportunities for fired colleagues to take advantage of other Google businesses’ employment recommendations.

Improve what you have

Waze is currently using its functionality under the conditions dictated by the pandemic regime. The Crisis Center team collects and processes user data on overlapping routes through quarantine, locations where the Covid-19 test can be performed, emergency medical services and hospitals with vacancies. The company also encourages government agencies to share information about new laboratories and infection statistics in specific parts of the country.