Three trends in the development of industrial parks in Ukraine — Andriy Ropitsky, Director of the industrial park “Bila Tserkva”

After the adoption of the long-awaited bill aimed at the development of industrial parks in Ukraine (№4416-1), the Ministry of Economy will monitor the work of all parks registered in the country. Those that do not meet the requirements of the law will be removed from the register. This may be more than a third of the participants in the register. On the other hand, there will be real incentives to increase the interest of developers and investors in such projects. It is likely that there will be a wave of new registrations of industrial parks, said in an interview with Comercial Property Andriy Ropitsky, Director of the industrial park “Bila Tserkva”, developed by the holding company UFuture.

On the territory of the Bila Tserkva industrial park:

  • already this autumn the enterprise on storage and processing of grain with a capacity of 60 thousand tons should start working;
  • road transport infrastructure is being arranged, new roads are being built to connect with the E95 and R-32 highways;
  • a railway branch is laid on the territory of the industrial park;
  • the capacity of electrical substations increases by 10MW;
  • the launch of a medium-pressure gas pipeline with a capacity of 6,400 m3/h for space heating and the use of gas in technological processes by residents of the industrial park;
  • the construction of an industrial facility with an area of ​​more than 5 thousand m2 is in the final stage.
“The supply of industrial real estate is in demand. Among the applicants to become a resident of the park are three companies that are interested in expanding production and warehousing facilities on the basis of the new building,” said Ropitsky.

What is holding back

The development of industrial parks in Ukraine, namely the attractiveness for investors and system developers, is constrained by high risks within the country. These include imperfect legal framework, high cost of borrowed funds for business, and short terms for which funds are provided.


You can identify at least three current trends that characterize the development of the industrial parks sector in Ukraine today:

  • increasing the number of private industrial parks and management companies;
  • diversification and expansion of services (various services, related services);
  • reduction of production and operating costs due to the implementation of the effect of scale and the principles of sharing economy.

Part of ecosystems

Bila Tserkva Industrial Park is a project of the UFuture holding company. The holding has an ecosystem to support small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. For example, in the UNIT.City innovation park you can create a 3D model of products and print their prototypes on a 3D printer from the required quality material.

The INDAX industrial accelerator team, by analyzing the business model of small and medium-sized businesses, can help it grow into series production and move to an industrial park.

The industrial park assumes investment risks and offers residents and storage facilities with utilities. In addition, there is a turnkey construction service in accordance with the client’s terms of reference.

Lean Institute Ukraine helps with the correct placement of production lines and in the organization of lean production. To gain additional competencies, an entrepreneur can apply to the Unit School of Business and undergo intensive business management and development.

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