biopharma is a leading pharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures innovative high-tech medicinal products made of donated human blood, recombinant preparations and drugs based on spore-forming bacteria. It is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of specialized immunobiological preparations made of donated human blood. For more than 120 years, the company’s employees have been creating medicines that save life and improve its quality.

The company’s major production facilities are located in the town of Bila Tserkva in Kyiv region. The newest research and production complex includes a pharmaceutical plant, quality control laboratories and a center for research, development
and technology. This complex includes full-cycle industrial biotechnological probiotics production facilities that are unique for Ukraine.

The plant is equipped with modern pharmaceutical equipment and integrated lines of such world leading manufacturers as Marchesini GROUP S.p.A., Stilmas S.p.A., Criofarma s.a.s. (Italy), GEA Group AG (Germany), BMT Group Limited (Great Britain), and others. There is a quality management system in operation that includes eight international and national standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14 001, ISO 22 000, ISO 13 485, ICH Q 8, ICH Q 9, ICH Q 10, and GMP.

All production sites are certified according to the requirements of European and national guidelines for good manufacturing practice for pharmaceutical companies — GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

The company currently produces more than 130 items of drugs in 11 pharmacological groups. The portfolio of biopharma preparations registered abroad totals 60 items. About 30 new drugs are at the stage of development: drugs acting on the musculoskeletal system, anti-inflammatory preparations, drugs used in dermatology, and monoclonal antibodies.

In 2015, jointly with Institute of Immunology and Allergology under Bogomolets National Medical University biopharma opened first interdisciplinary college of clinical immunology. As a result such medical professionals as rheumatologists, pulmonologists, oncologists, infectious diseases and general practitioners have obtained access to knowledge about the latest clinical data with international recommendations, methods of differential diagnosis, as well as to therapeutic tactics with the use of evidence-based medicine.

The company is open to partnership aimed at creating new opportunities for production, research and interdisciplinary training.

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