“Money loses value, but real assets only increase it,” changes to which the leaders of large companies adapted during the pandemic

Nicholas Tymoshchuk, UFuture & Kostyantyn Efymenko, Biopharma

Choosing the right focus is essential for adaptation. UFuture holding company has a diversified portfolio of assets in various sectors of the economy. This strategy makes the business more resilient and reduces risks because failure in one area is offset by success in another. This pays off in times of crisis, such as the current coronavirus pandemic.

Terrasoft held a large-scale online conference for business and IT leaders ACCELERATE Global. Speakers of the discussion panel “Innovations, Acceleration, Adaptability: How Companies to Can Be Successful in the New Reality” were CEO of UFuture Nicholas Tymoshchuk and President of Biopharma Kostyantyn Efymenko.

During the discussion, Nicholas Tymoshchuk spoke about the functioning of various projects of the holding in the pandemic year:

  • The airport is the most challenging direction at this time, but our renewable energy business has brought a new strategic investor even in the current circumstances.
  • The world is seeing rapid progress through excess liquidity. Money loses its value, and real assets only rise in price.
  • The number of new relationships with international investors, partners and companies has not grown. However, this made it possible to improve existing contacts and get rid of unnecessary ones.
  • In Ukraine, the stock market is real estate. People are investing in housing. In our development projects during the pandemic, indicators decreased only in the spring, but they exceeded expectations at the end of summer. The reason is the deferred demand. People’s money has not disappeared anywhere, and investment opportunities in the country are limited.
  • The future of real estate lies in complex projects. Not a single house, but a quarter, an architectural and targeted ecosystem, where people are infrastructurally satisfied and have everything they need for life — added value.

President of Biopharma Kostyantyn Efymenko shared his experience and exemplary achievements for the controversial 2020.

  • The #1 task for the company is the successful research of immunoglobulin. Our goal is to collect over 500 litres of blood plasma to provide the world with the innovative and preventive medicines needed during a pandemic.
  • Our first results are a fourfold reduction in mortality and the release of intensive care units 7-10 days faster among coronavirus patients.
  • We were the first to start research on immunoglobulin, and we will be the first to finish them. Now the global industry is following us. Over the next year, we will grow twice. If we continue to demonstrate success, then Ukraine will join international research results.
  • Nothing has changed in business except remote work and heightened security measures. Obviously, production in the format of remote work is impossible, so as long as the state allows, we work. We save lives. Our job is important.
  • I will fight for the rhythm I’m used to. Of course, security measures come first. But for an entrepreneur, every day is necessary, so sitting at home is unacceptable for me.
  • The priorities for next year are more motivated people, launched factories and no loans.