Vasyl Khmelnytsky’s fund – K.Fund – was set up to support projects related to education and the economy. Its key goal is to provide support for the sustainable development of an individual in education, information exchange, and in the search for and implementation of new ideas. We believe that having received high-quality education and  a chance to fulfil their potential in Ukraine the new generation will transform the country. K.Fund provides new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

K.Fund Perspective

    K.Fund is a 360° platform where everyone can find a  way to new knowledge and skills.

  • 360° opportunity;
  • 360° vector for development;
  • 360° direction for modelling the future

K.Fund Mission

Our mission is to provide a key to development and self-fulfillment, to create opportunities for new knowledge and skills, to give assistance in making breakthrough and promote people to a new level.

K.Fund reveals ways to achieve dreams. K.Fund projects create environment for success stories.


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