“You have to be a little crazy to become an entrepreneur,” Dominique Piotet, CEO of UNIT.City

Usually, when someone discusses Ukraine abroad, it is about one of the three “c”: either the Chernobyl disaster, or the Crimea, or corruption. And this is very wrong. Arriving here two years ago, I did not encounter any of the three “c”. Instead, he saw the wonderful innovation park UNIT.City, met many entrepreneurs, creatives, designers. There is incredible energy here, and this is the message I want to convey to the world about Ukraine, Dominique Piotet, CEO of UNIT.City, told Volodymyr Anfimov.

Thus, the UNIT.City team launched the podcast “Mayak Innovatsiy“, the slogan of which is “From Ukraine — to the World”.

“To understand what is really happening in the country, you need to visit it. Usually we see what we expected. But in the case of Ukraine, we see a much better picture than we imagined. There is deep energy here, there is a feeling of the birth of something new. You need to come here to feel it,” CEO of UNIT.City emphasized.

Abroad, people are very surprised to learn about Ukraine other than those to which they are accustomed. For example, Ukraine has a very developed cryptocurrency market, that it is the first country to introduce a digital passport, that the policy of digital transformation is actively implemented here, and so on.

About UNIT.City

As for UNIT.City, they are trying to build an ecosystem that they would not like to leave. That in one place everything was collected: from sports and training to workplaces and rest.

“If we run a supermarket, we want it to be unusual. For example, for goods to be delivered by drones,” Piotet added.

About the ideal entrepreneur

To be an entrepreneur, you need to be a little crazy, says CEO UNIT.City. This is not the form of madness when a person is taken to the hospital. The point is that you need to have an internal driver, to be sure that the idea will work. You have to work, work and work. You need to be a radical optimist and see what others do not see.

If a person is driven solely by the desire to make money, he is defeated in business. It is better to become a lawyer or a banker to earn money.

“What fascinates me about Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Vasyl Khmelnytsky is the drive and energy. I don't have that, I have a lot of doubts, a lot of questions for myself, etc.,” said Dominique Piotet.

About innovations

There are two types of innovation: gradual, i.e. minor improvements in existing technology, and revolutionary — radical breakthroughs, inventions, and more.

"I believe that the power of technology can save the planet. Our world is sick, we are destroying the planet. And knowing this, we continue to destroy it. This is real madness. The denouement is approaching very fast. Therefore, in my opinion, we need innovation. Today it is no longer possible to live as we used to: to use the same transport, to eat the same food, to have the same benefits. The only way to save yourself is to be innovative,” CEO of UNIT.City said.