Vitaly Gorovoy, InSoft Partners

Vitaly Gorovoy: “Today’s crisis is a social experiment on a planet-wide scale”

The current crisis is unlike any other. Temporarily closed entire industries and even countries. Forcing an economy to stop can be very expensive, said founder of InSoft Partners (UFuture partner) Vitaly Gorovoy.

Among the key threats the head of the company highlights:

  • domino effect — when companies in the market lose money massively and debt on payments eventually “gets” to everyone;
  • decrease in the flow of money in the system — leads to the bankruptcy of credited companies or those market participants who have unstable business models;
  • the risk of any major player falling — aggravating the crisis on a global scale.

According to Vitaly Gorovoy, offline businesses have their advantages and features, and their digitization can be time-consuming and expensive for owners. In this case, the complete replacement of people is often not technologically impossible or economically impractical. However, everything that is happening today will inevitably affect the world, as new consumer habits and patterns of behaviour are formed.

What threatens business and why the decision to go to the cache does not save the situation, read more in the column for of managing partner and founder of InSoft Partners Vitaly Gorovoy.