UNIT.City has opened the first space for startups NEST


The innovation park UNIT.City hosted the opening of the NEST Hub — an incubator based on the NEST bootcamp platform, which unites startups with investors. The innovation space, presented by the founder of the holding company UFuture and UNIT.City Vasyl Khmelnytsky and the CEO of the innovation park Dominique Piotet, includes:

  • accelerator and incubator;
  • meeting place and platform for attracting investments;
  • HR-hub and “bridge” to Western markets for talented Ukrainians who have their own quality product.
“Today we are opening a new NEST Hub — it’s a non-profit business for us, but we want to unite cool startups and give them the opportunity to succeed. It’s best if they become "unicorns" — I sincerely wish the teams success in this field. And we will help the teams with mentoring and support and we hope that the startups will want to stay and continue their development in the UNIT.City innovation park,” commented Vasyl Khmelnytsky.

The idea to create NEST came from the UNIT.City team in the spring of 2020. NEST bootcamp has already recruited startups, with seven participants already undergoing mentorship under UNIT.City CEO Dominique Piotet and professor of University of California, Berkeley Rick Rasmussen. Participants of the first set of NEST bootcamp will be able to remain UNIT.City virtual residents with all the advantages of the innovation park for another year.