#bestread Netflix. That will never work

UFuture and BookChef represent a new book about the founding of Netflix within the project #Bestread

Affiliate project #Bestread publishing books for entrepreneurs present the new book Netflix. That will never work about the history of the company foundation from its co-founder and first CEO, Mark Randolph. The purpose of the collaboration is to combine entrepreneurial expertise and successful book publishing experience. In order to be successful and competitive in business, to receive investments, to find reliable partners, Ukrainian entrepreneurs need to constantly acquire new up-to-date knowledge.

The story of the most popular streaming platform that has transformed the IT industry and taken the media industry to the next level contains useful tips for a successful entrepreneur on how to turn a promising idea into a profitable business case.

The book tells the candid story of the founder of the digital empire about firmness, intuition and determination, and many fascinating details for fans of Phil Knight’s book about the history of Nike’s founding.

A book from a Silicon Valley entrepreneur also outlines three key decisions that have led startups Mark Randolph and Reed Hastings to success:

1. Don’t wait for inspiration.

It’s only here and now, where Netflix has become a huge corporation, it can be argued that the project was doomed to success. In fact, being in the moment, it’s almost impossible to distinguish a brilliant idea from a failure. Randolph wanted to start a business that would sell something online. That’s all. And it would be baseball bats, dog shampoo, toothpaste or movies — it didn’t matter.

2. Play ahead.

When Netflix started shipping DVD discs by mail, DVD players were still uncommon. Tens of thousands of films on VHS accounted for about 125 films on discs and video rentals were in no hurry to buy newfangled media. And if you can’t rent a movie at home right away, you can wait a couple of days for a courier.

3. Follow the rule “NYM” (Not Your Money).

It’s as simple as possible — its important that the only risky moment is the workplace. You dedicate ideas to life, but let the contents of your wallets be dedicated to others. In addition, the NYM has another benefit — before investing in a project, make sure that you don’t lose your mind. Randolph advises entrepreneurs to talk about the idea to friends and, after they have been captured, to offer them a couple of thousand dollars in the project. If the idea isn’t very good, the speed at which they will heel from your meeting place will be simply incredible.

You can find out more details and buy the book at the link.