UFuture and Bookchef present a new book on how artificial intelligence is changing the economy and life

Affiliate project of UFuture and BookChef #Bestread, which publishes books for entrepreneurs, is launching a new book, “AI Superpowers“. The author is a venture investor and a member of The Times’ Top 100 Most Influential People Rating Kai-Fu Lee.

Thanks to machine learning technologies, the global economy can grow by $15.7 trillion by 2030, according to pre-crisis PWC analysts. The scientist’s book explains why artificial intelligence can change virtually all aspects of business and what professions will cease to exist in decades. At the same time, the author emphasizes that the future of artificial intelligence and its implementation depends largely on people.

“The daily barrage of artificial intelligence information can make people feel like they are losing control of their lives. The prophecies about the domination of robots and the formation of a “vicious class” of the unemployed are detrimental to our consciousness, causing a depressing sense of helplessness in the face of omnipotent technology. This feeling makes us forget about a very important fact: the future of artificial intelligence depends on people’s actions. We are not passively observing history, but writing it – which means that our ideas about the future of artificial intelligence may well act as a fulfilled prophecy,” Kai-Fu Lee said.

You can find out more details and buy the book at the link.