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UFuture and BookChef present a book on revolutionary issues that will transform your business

Within of the UFuture and BookChef partnership project for publishing books for entrepreneurs #Bestread has announced the pre-ordering of the “Questions Are the Answer” book for those who want to focus on finding unprecedented solutions for their businesses. Author — innovation and leadership guru Hal Gregersen. Thinkers50 has included it as one of the most innovative thinking people of today.

The expert reveals that the right questions are catalysts that help overcome obstacles to the birth of ideas.

“Question is the most effective way to break through a wall that blocks the way to rethinking values. The questions gently and gradually breach the wall, opening up untouched territory, and they encourage us — individually and everyone in general — review your fundamental beliefs. This is also a favourite expression of Elon Mask, drawn from classical philosophy, — “to think of beginnings”. When Tesla was at the top of the list of Forbes’ most innovative companies a few years ago, together with the drafters of this annual ranking, I spoke with Mask about his ability to come up with an unexpected approach to scale problems. “Thinking of beginnings,” Musk explained, means cutting off everything that is unreasonably taken for granted, until only the incontrovertible truth remains. This is the point where you should start thinking about your task,” Hal Gregersen writes.

You can read more and buy the book at the link.