UDP will become a participant in the MIPIM-2020

On June 2-5, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes (France) will host the MIPIM — a global event for investors from all over the world. It is attended by 26,800 visitors, 6,300 investors, 4,100 top executives, 3,800 companies, and guests from 100 countries.

“In the first years of the exhibition, it was visited only by business representatives, but over time officials of city administrations began to come. The purpose of participating in MIPIM is not only to look for an investor to implement community projects, but also to support companies interested in private projects. Such initiatives help attract serious investment players, creating a favourable business environment,” Dmitry Dopiro, official representative of MIPIM in Ukraine.

Ukraine, which has become one of the most talked-about issues of attracting investment and investor support in recent months, will have a record national representation in the last few years. Among the premium partners and participants of the Ukrainian delegation is the development company UDP.

“UDP has traditionally supported Kyiv and Ukraine at MIPIM. Participation in this event is not only about business and new architectural trends. We see our mission more broadly. After all, every such event is a good opportunity to tell the professional international community about Ukraine and to strengthen the country’s reputation among its Western partners. MIPIM brings together leading architecture professionals from around the world and more than 6,000 real estate investors. Our task is to show them that there are interesting, worthy projects in Ukraine, as well as reliable, trustworthy partners,” Sergiy Bogoslovskiy, president of UDP.

Read more information about the forum, mission of the UDP development company and the composition of the delegation, in the material of the Property Times: “MIPIM-2020: What is the preparation of the Ukrainian representation at the Global Investment Exhibition