ucode IT-academy has launched a new educational course Full Stack world

Full Stack world

The first stream of students of the new ucode IT-academy Full Stack world course will start on January 25. The program is the first on the Ukrainian market, within which students will study real practical tasks. The academy together with ITernal Group (a collaborative group of UFuture and InSoft Partners, which specializes in IT outsourcing) developed a nine-month course for Full Stack developers.

The program is as close as possible to real work conditions in an IT company without lectures, teachers and programming simulators. The educational methodology is based on the Challenge Based Learning framework and the Peer-to-Peer approach, which is used in training teams of iPhone, Mac OS, App Store and other well-known Silicon Valley companies. This departure from traditional forms of education will allow students of the academy to focus on practical tasks, the complexity of which will increase with each of the three stages, depending on the acquired knowledge and skills of students.

"From the very beginning, we are not regular educational courses that provide theoretical knowledge. This position is the basis of our approach to training and program development of each course with partner companies based on real cases. Therefore, the course should immerse students in the daily working realities of developers. It is also important for us that our students are in a comfortable environment and have the opportunity to gain knowledge, maximum profit and experience in any region of Ukraine," commented on the strategy of the new course CEO ucode IT academy Florin Beecher.

Read more about the new ucode IT-academy Full Stack world course and its program’s features via the link.