Three books from Nicholas Tymoshchuk, CEO of UFuture

Nicholas Tymoshchuk, CEO UFuture

While streaming platforms have not yet had time to arm themselves with new films and TV series, and cinemas are closed due to lockdown, our precious time is worth quality literature. Nicholas Tymoshchuk, CEO of UFuture holding company, said three books that impressed him in 2020.

“The 12 Rules of Life” by Jordan Peterson

The author of the book, a clinical psychologist, at the same time a philosopher and professor at the University of Toronto, managed to create a real scientific work but to present it in an understandable and exciting language. In the book, you can find answers to the most complex questions of the universe, which are based on the postulates of ancient scientists and famous literary works, discoveries of modern science and philosophy.

“The Scandinavian Secret” by Bertil Marklund

The book reveals why the healthiest people in the world live in Sweden. The piece demonstrates how the Scandinavian countries have become one of the most successful globally, even without rich natural resources, territories, or arms races.

“The Fifth Discipline. The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization” by Peter Senge

According to Nicholas Tymoshchuk, this book should become a reference book for every manager who strives to become successful and competitive in the 21st century. In his work, Peter Senge talks about the fundamentals of the functioning of a “company that educates”. In the book, you can find the main features of systems thinking, the development of a manager’s professional qualities, and how exactly the “fifth discipline” helps to analyze and avoid business failures.