Sector X Acceleration Platform

The Sector X Acceleration Hub announces a set of startups for six new programs

The Sector X Acceleration Platform announces the set to programs for startups from across the CIS at various stages of development, focused on addressing the diverse challenges of young technology companies. Sector X is a space at UNIT.City Innovation Park that combines several areas — an accelerator hub for startups, corporate business programs and venture capital services for investors.

Among the Sector X Acceleration Platform programs:

  • FemTech, GreenTech and DeepTech

The program offers several formats, including FemTech for startups in the MVP stage, in which at least 75% of the funders are women; GreenTech is for prototype startups that create socially important eco products, and DeepTech is for socially important lab prototype developments designed to generate revenue.

On the FemTech, GreenTech and DeepTech programs startups are accepted not only from Ukraine but also from the CIS and Eastern European countries. Participants will receive instruction, how to turn a startup into a growing business, a free project development strategy and mentoring at every stage. Additional benefits include the opportunity to participate in one of the tracks of the Sector X Acceleration Platform together with a partner corporation (Farmak, L’oreal, Foxtrot), subject to confirmation of the partner and receipt of investments from venture funds.

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  • TOTAL INSIGHT for startups that have spent considerable budgets but have not yet achieved results

Participants are offered four strategic sessions in one month, in-depth auditing and testing of startups and hypotheses, eliminating erroneous decisions, identifying competitors, the market, building a sales funnel and adjusting conversions. Additional features include defining key metrics and marketing and PR channels, consulting for US market entry, setting goals for the startup to the next stage, and networking with potential investors.

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  • Remote program for remote format startups

Provides three months of collaboration during which participants will receive a startup progress map with stages and clear KPIs, algorithms and study materials; understanding how to clearly define your market, correctly testing hypotheses and competently creating a financial model. And also — streaming of closed events: workshops, lectures and meetings with startup funders, consultations from the Sector X team and credits from accelerator partners: AWS and Digital Ocean.

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  • Program “The first customers in the USA”

Focuses on startups that already have clients in the local market and want to scale. From the capabilities of the program, participants are offered startup diagnostics, identification of major competitors, goals, hypotheses and target audiences in the US, business model creation and pricing, as well as product adaptation expertise for the local market.

Additionally, the Sector X team offers assistance in writing letters for clients and scripts for customer development interview in the B2B segment; product testing and bug fixes; intro to the bank and the algorithm for opening a company in the USA; identifying traffic channels for B2C and Saas, setting up analytics and separately personal accountant, lawyer and PR.

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  • Program “Investment Preparation”

The program is designed for startups that successfully sell products and engage customers but have not yet worked with investment formats. It offers participants understanding how to prepare the necessary documents to obtain funds; finished project pitch for one, three and ten minutes; determining where to look for investors for a particular startup, an objective assessment of the conditions on which you can get investments, and understanding of what moments to look for when communicating with investors and networking

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  • Program “Crash test startup ideas”

The crash test hub is targeted at teams that have an idea but have not yet started a tech startup (business development ideas are not being considered). Within this program, Sector X specialists will submit their expertise, ask questions and share their knowledge of developing the idea into a full-fledged project within two hours via Zoom.

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