UFuture, BookChef, #Bestread Steve Anderson about Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Take a risk like Bezos: UFuture and Bookchef have released a book about the formation of Amazon

The holding company UFuture and the publishing house BookChef within the joint project #Bestread present a new book about the formation of one of the most innovative companies in the world Amazon and the life philosophy of its founder Jeff Bezos.

The well-known businessman wrote 21 letters to the shareholders of his company. Every year he told how things were going and where he planned to move forward. Steve Anderson, an expert in risk, technology and innovation with more than 35 years of experience in the insurance industry, decided to look behind the scenes of Amazon, analyze these letters and bring out key statutes that helped the innovator change the world.

“Reading Bezos’ letters, I saw the system and was stunned: in his letters to shareholders, he details how Amazon has become the fastest-growing company and what many consider to be the most successful in history. After an in-depth analysis of the letters, I identified specific cycles and principles of growth,” writes Steve Anderson.

You can find out more details and buy the book at the link.