Sector X and L’Oréal Group announce a set of sustainable projects

Sector X Acceleration Platform, which operates on the basis of the innovation park UNIT.City, continues the cooperation started in 2020 with L’Oréal Group and announces a set of sustainable projects for the company. Under the program, projects will have the opportunity to:

  • work with the cosmetic giant №1 in the world L’Oréal Group;
  • validate one’s own idea and get constructive feedback from the market;
  • scale your own product;
  • pass the acceleration program in Sector X;
  • access to the innovative ecosystem UNIT.City.

Currently, original projects are being sought for cooperation that does not duplicate the already existing in Ukraine sorting and processing applications and are engaged in:

  • development of new types of eco and recyclable packaging;
  • processing and reuse of resources;
  • new types of interaction with end-users (not necessarily with the technical component);
  • resource optimization processes.

You can apply for participation in the track and learn more details via the link.