High school students will communicate with today’s opinion leaders

How to become what you are dreaming of if you do not know where to start?

As part of its professional orientation program, Novopecherska School is launching a unique series of motivational meetings “From School to a Dream” with the participation of today’s opinion leaders, where each of the speakers will tell students about what one can strive for and how to achieve this. Such meetings are an opportunity to communicate with inspiring people. Their stories are different, but one thing unites them — this is the achievement of their dream.

The first motivational speaker was Zoya Lytvyn, the founder of Novopecherska School and the head of the public association “Osvitoria.” Ms. Zoya spoke about her experience at school and university, about her first professional choice and, finally, about how she became part of the social sphere and started to work on projects that inspire and make happy thousands of people.

The next and last speakers in this term will be Dmytro Sobol and Oleksandr Sattarov, who have come an interesting professional path, working in the offices of international companies such as NIKE and PUMA, have created their own brands Don’t Take Fake, the DTF Magazine.

We hope these meetings will help students to be sure of their choices and boldly walk along their own, interesting path from school to living their dream.

Novopecherska school