Tips for entrepreneurs: analysis of Eurotrips by Vasyl Khmelnytsky

In 2021, entrepreneurs need investment and mentoring. And if they can get the first one in the production accelerator INDAX, then disassemble the real case and get valuable advice is easy and accessible thanks to a mentoring session with the owner of the holding company.

In a new issue on his own YouTube channel, Vasyl Khmelnytsky and Volodymyr Olyanitsky, co-founder of the bus tourism company Eurotrips, talked about the fate of entrepreneurship in 2021 and figured out where to click and what to improve and change in the business of the guest.

In the issue, entrepreneurs discussed the following issues:

  • how to monetize Eurotrips business and how much you can earn in one trip;
  • what profit the client can bring for all the time working with him;
  • why and what new tools should be used in 2021;
  • and how much you need to spend on marketing to earn more than in 2020.

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