Popularly about Airport Digital Network Panel

Digital is modern video advertising at Kyiv International Airport (Zhulyany)

Airport DNP is a place in an advertising block with an adaptive playlist for placing your advertisement synchronously and in real time on all video panels of the digital network RTM Digital at Kyiv International Airport (Zhulyany).

Benefits of DNP:

  • Digital content (electronic poster, animated electronic poster, video) is easy — with one click! — loaded for broadcast.
  • Need to change the plot? Without printing posters and service works that take time: update your ads immediately after you submit new content to RTM Digital. Specify the number of updates that are currently available from your sales department manager.
  • One DNP is 10 seconds in a 3-minute ad unit. It is 20 outputs per hour, 480 per day and 14 400 per 30 days.
  • According to the results of the study of Kyiv International Airport (Zhulyany) audience, more than 50% of passengers spend at the airport more than 2 hours. So each of them is guaranteed to see your ad at least ten times.
  • Kyiv International Airport is the second passenger airport of Ukraine after Boryspil. In 2017 the airport served more than 23 thousand flights on arrival and departure and more than 1 million 852 thousand passengers.
  • The animated content always attracts more attention than a static poster, which is confirmed by numerous studies. But even if your plot is an electronic poster without any animation, changing one plot to another is dynamics that will draw a passenger’s eye.
  • From registration to gate: RTM Digital panels are located at all key locations of the airport terminals, where passengers stay from half an hour to 2 hours: the Registration Area, the Aviation Security Area, Waiting Areas (general and business lounge). Sit is similarly for passengers arriving at terminals A and D: your content will be displayed in the Passport Control Area and in the Luggage Room. The terminal B serves the passengers of business aviation and private jets, therefore our video wall 110 “is located just in front of the entrance to Terminal B on the passenger’s way to private lounges and access to airplanes.
  • We demand extremely high content requirements, which you can find on the page RTM Digital, as we broadcast your advertisement on Samsung’s super-modern digital panels that have the best brightness and contrast rates today.

    In addition to the digital panels 40″, 47″ and 55 “, at Kyiv Airport 2 video walls of size 110″ and 165 ” were installed. They can not be passed byand they scale your ad to large screens. It is extremely spectacular and beautiful!

    RTM-Ukraine has ambitious plans for the development of Digital Out-of-Home Media in Ukraine. More information is in the presentation of the subsidiary company RTM Digital, which develops these projects.