“Only technology will save us,” CEO UFuture Nicholas Tymoshchuk

At the request of the hostess of the program “What Men Talks About” on Prosto Radio Anna Balent to describe himself in one word, CEO UFuture Nicholas Tymoshchuk replied succinctly: “Do it.” According to him, this trait unites many successful people around the world. He is currently managing an investment holding company with a capitalization of $500 million.

In an interview on the radio station, Nicholas Tymoshchuk shared his own observations, conclusions, and opinions about the modern world of business and people’s inner universe.

  • Investors don’t want to hear about your feelings and desires but want to see what specific value your organization can give. The language of business is cold. But emotions control the human.
  • Now people are motivated not by the vertical but by the horizontal form of management. It encourages workers to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Then you don’t need micro-management or endless meetings. It is faster, cheaper, and better than slow, expensive, and inefficient processes in large and outdated companies.
  • Any public activity has turned into show business. And this is an opportunity and a danger at the same time. After all, leaders sometimes need to combine the incompatible. For example, to simultaneously implement painful and undesirable changes for society, and, for this purpose, at the same time, to enlist the support of the same society.
  • Today, politicians, artists and businesses carefully calculate their every step, word or even the colours of their communication millimetre by millimetre — everything to give customers, voters or shareholders just what they want to hear. However, a leader’s key function is to make the necessary changes for a better future, to say what everyone is silent about, to expose what everyone avoids. And not just collecting the maximum number of likes, votes or money instead of moving our civilization forward.
  • Everything great — force, matter, thought — attracts the great and, thus, creates inequality. It is the inequality and the competition that motivates us to overcome the peaks. After all, if there were 100 Everest on the planet, no one would be interested in climbing on them. Without unattainable champions or market leaders, others will have no equal.
  • I’m not honest only when I don’t want to waste time. Then it makes no sense to go to the front by resistance. You only have to bypass.
  • Its funny to me when I hear that humanity is to blame for consuming natural resources to develop civilization. When nature in the form of tornadoes, volcanoes or pandemics can wipe us off the face of the Earth, it doesn’t have any unnecessary emotions or remorse.
  • But it’s not funny to me when the world community puts all its hopes on the planet’s climate salvation on a child with special needs (Greta Thunberg). As long as the G20 leaders, who are truly capable of changing this situation, look at it solely through the prism of PR and political expediency, we will indeed be doomed to a climate apocalypse.
  • Only technology will save us. Many people underestimate what Bezos and Musk are doing because they create technologies that will change the climate and ecosystem of Mars, or another planet, to provide needs for human life. In this case, these technologies will be able to change the environment and the Earth’s ecosystem.
  • The goal of any successful business is to respond to acute human pain. Not to teach, but to give exactly what she needs. For example, Blablacar is overgrowing in Ukraine because it has found an answer to the country’s infrastructural pain and the need for an alternative to Ukrzaliznytsia.
  • A society that doesn’t care about anything needs education through values. Theft and vandalism can be severely and physically punished, as in Singapore or Riyadh. As in Copenhagen and Vancouver, it is possible to educate people to be ashamed to do so. If the sidewalk is cleaned under the barrel of a pistol, it will be flooded with blood sooner or later.

Listen to find out more about the highlights of life and business from UFuture CEO Nicholas Tymoshchuk in the issue “What Men Talks About” with Anna Balent via the link.