Ministry of Digital Transformation launches 5G Internet testing in the UNIT.City innovation park

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has signed a memorandum with the innovation park UNIT.City and announced the beginning of a comprehensive strategic partnership, which will include the creation of an educational and experimental centre for 5G technologies and a representation of the ecosystem Diia.

“The Ministry of Digital Transformation creates the most convenient country in the world, in terms of the interaction between the state and man, the state and business. We simplify bureaucratic processes and introduce modern online services to make business communication with the state as convenient and transparent as possible. We are now joining forces and implementing joint projects with Ukraine’s first innovation park, which creates an ecosystem and infrastructure for business development in the field of high technology and creative industries,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Cooperation under the memorandum also provides for:

  • development of innovative entrepreneurship and introduction of digital technologies in various spheres of society;
  • creation of a test site and further R&D centre (Research & Development) using 5G technology on the territory of UNIT.City;
  • implementation of joint projects to support small and medium enterprises within the framework of Diia.Business;
  • use of digital documents with Diia and Diia ID after release by UNIT.City guests instead of physical documents and EDS.

Constantine Yevtushenko, Managing Partner of the UNIT.City innovation park noted that the partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation will strengthen the park’s ecosystem and provide new opportunities for residents.

“Ukraine's business card is a rapidly evolving IT industry. And such partnerships contribute to the development of the technological ecosystem. We do our best to make the UNIT.City innovation park an entry point for international investments in Ukraine. And the partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation will strengthen our ecosystem and provide new opportunities for the park's residents,” said Constantine Yevtushenko.