Constantine Yevtushenko, UNIT.City

“In Ukraine there are many places to find investments for startups,” Сonstantine Yevtushenko, managing partner of UNIT.City

There are at least two ways to find investment: intuitive (for startups that are still in the process of forming an MVP) and professional. According to Constantine Yevtushenko, managing partner of UNIT.City, the first way involves finding funding among a close circle of proxies who trust you, and the second — relevant for those entrepreneurs who already have customers, a meaningful product and a crystallized business idea.

In the column for Mind, the top manager tells what niches those who want to attract investment in the domestic market of Ukraine should pay attention to, what is the difference between intuitive fundraising and professional and which industries are growing faster in a crisis.

Constantine Yevtushenko explains that foreign investors in Ukraine are primarily interested in the speed of return on investment because, despite the potentially higher earnings (compared to stable Western markets), our country is one of the riskiest. At the same time, capital owners in a crisis prefer services of automation and optimization of online work, medical technology, biohacking, biomedicine and in general products that improve the quality of life and promote longevity. To understand the areas of investment, you should look at the IPO of American companies, and for fast and minimally risky earnings — the mass segment.

Constantine Yevtushenko will share new ideas and useful tools for startups within the framework of the SME Forum “Reboot 2020”.