How to start a successful career: 3 tips for young people, — Kirill Bondar, CFO UNIT.City

You should not be ashamed of a young age or lack of any knowledge — they can always be acquired. Knowledge is very available today: anyone can open a textbook on nuclear physics or take a project management course. Another thing is how well you will be able to apply the acquired knowledge, said in an interview with STUD-POINT partner and CFO of the innovation park UNIT.City Kirill Bondar.

In Ukraine, mostly hard skills are taught, he added — mathematics, chemistry, biology. Instead, soft skills are neglected. However, when a person comes to the team, he has to deal with a certain culture and values ​​that have already developed there. You need to communicate with different people — someone you like, someone you don’t. You seem to be doing your job, but something is still wrong. Why? Because you were not taught communication, empathy.

Three tips

You need to start your career as early as possible. If you have the opportunity to do something useful and interesting at school, this is exactly what you need to do: go to practice in the company, take a course in entrepreneurship.

"Don't wait for the right age to come — it will never come. Start as early as possible,” said CFO of UNIT.City.

Three main tips at the start of your career:

  • don’t chase money: if you build a career correctly, in 5-10 years you will be on a completely different level;
  • make a career plan: what you want, who you want to be;
  • find a mentor (and always look for him): with a mentor, people grow much faster.
"Don't count on luck — turn the pedals. Meet people, make contacts and take care of your reputation. Reputation is very difficult to restore. The more you work, the more important decisions you make, the narrower the circle of people you interact with. It is necessary to take this into account,” Bondar said.

Finally, he stressed, be attentive to your surroundings. If you are surrounded by people who are smarter, richer, and more experienced than you, all is well. You will be drawn to their level. Once you become the smartest and richest in your environment, you have a problem.

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