Airbus A321 landed in airport Kyiv

For the first time in the airport Kyiv landed the largest aircraft of the family of medium-haul Airbus – Airbus A321.

Airbus A321 has an extended fuselage comparing to other models and an increased passenger capacity.

This is a technical flight of the Carrier YanAir Airlines but in the near future the Airline YanAir plans to operate on regular routes, in particular to Tel-Aviv.

The airfield of the Airport Kyiv (Zhulyany) of the class B (4C), capable of providing aircraft 4 of the aircraft (4C code with restrictions), helicopters of all types and lighter airplanes.

Runway length – 2 km 310 m x 45 m, type of cover – asphalt concrete, PCN 44 / R / C / X / T. The aerodrome is equipped with landing systems OPRS-A, RMS type SP-90, aerodrome lighting system HIL-I.