Artistry at the airport

Even if you are not going to fly anywhere, come to visit Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) – you’ll see the beauty and unusual design of a brightly colored plane, which is conveniently “landed” on the square near the airport.

Visit the Terminal and take a look at the photos of a new exhibition.

Try the latte, visit the office of a travel agency and pick up a journey to the country of your dream.

The airport is not only the air gate of the capital. The airport is an art space and a place of personal inspiration!

We thank talented artists of Виктория Лайм (Viktoria Lime) & Andrey Myforestbridge Kovtun and the partners of the Bravo Airways & Travel Professional Group  project.

Supervisor of the project and head of Kyiv International Airport’s press service Галина Богданенко (Galina Bogdanenko)