Where Are the World and Ukraine Heading?

The pandemic has not only changed the usual way of life, it has radically changed the emphasis and given many new issues for reflection. Many of the things that the speakers said at the previous Kyiv International Economic Forum have become a reality today, KIEF Director General Yuriy Pyvovarov said in an interview with UNN.

For example, KIEF speakers predicted a new economic crisis in 2019. The trigger for it, as time has shown, was the Covid-19 pandemic.


The discussion at this year’s KIEF was mainly about the world in an era of radical change. Three key changes brought about by the pandemic:

  • attitudes towards health issues have changed (health has finally become an important topic on the general agenda);
  • value chains have changed (there is a need to move the main production from China to Europe, including Ukraine);
  • climate change: now it is not just a temporary trend, but an important factor in economic and business development.

The role of government

“You can often hear from Ukrainian business that government intervention is not needed. It would be better if no one intervened, they say. But every year at KIEF we show successful cases of states, where the key to success is the cooperation between the state and business. And the state is the principal partner”, said Pyvovarov.

Those countries that have increased their economies through protectionism are today, for some reason, promoting the values ​​of full openness. In fact, they are simply expanding markets for their own goods and services.


If Ukraine wants to create the conditions for the emergence of modern companies, it is necessary to change our mindset. This includes a high level of trust, reliable and transparent work of government institutions, and a departure from nepotism and corruption.


The focus should be on education. The team must constantly learn and progress. You need to be adaptive, ready for change, learn about new methods and ways to achieve the goal. This is the philosophy of development professed in the UFuture holding company, which is a strategic partner of KIEF.


Leadership is an extremely important factor in a changing environment. However, one leader alone is not enough to solve all the problems. Real success requires a team of leaders who can bring about change and lead the company to the future.

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