Vasyl Khmelnytsky: 4 tips about how to overcome the crisis

I have always been taught that first the money of clients and partners, and only then — yours. If you take a debt, you have to pay it off quickly. You can’t substitute people, ruin your reputation, the founder of the UFuture holding company Vasyl Khmelnytsky writes in a column for MC.Today.

In 2008, he himself had to face a financial crisis, sell part of his property, and mortgage the rest in a bank. Today Vasyl Khmelnytsky decided to share tips on how to act in a crisis.

Take credits

“Cheap credit is growth. Do not be afraid to take loans. However, there is one "but": loans should be taken only for a business that generates profit. If you have a business that brings in $1 million a year, you can easily take out a loan of up to $3 million,” said the founder of UFuture.

Under no circumstances should you take a loan for a non-profit business. Do not take loans for your own purchases — car, apartment, cottage. Such things can be bought only from profit. Loans are only for business development.


I am often asked: “Vasyl Ivanovych, I have $100,000, I want to invest it. Tell me where? ” I ask in response: “And where did you earn $ 100 thousand?” They answer: “Well, I’m a farmer, I made money on farming.”

So, if you are a farmer and have earned $ 100,000 on it, invest the money in a neighboring plot. Or go ahead and start developing recycling.

"Invest in what you already understand," Khmelnytsky emphasizes.


You need to learn from other people: communicate, go to seminars, forums, etc. The most important thing is to meet people who are currently a little higher than you, level. This will enrich each other.

Follow world trends

If you see that there are financial bubbles in the world, that countries are printing money, that assets are overvalued, then there may be a crisis in the near future. And this crisis will definitely hit everyone. After all, the world has become global.

“In 2008, I foresaw the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. I had six months to make a more effective decision. But I didn't do it. Today the world has become even faster, and there are no thoughts for six months. We need to monitor global trends every day,” said the founder of UFuture.

Read more about how Vasyl Khmelnytsky coped with crises and what he recommends to others via the link and watch on the entrepreneur’s personal YouTube channel.