Ukraine’s first 3D laboratory opens at Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute

The first 3D laboratory in Ukraine has opened Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute to train specialists in the field of metrology and technical measurements for machine building and other industries, the institute’s press service has reported.

“Our task, the task of business is to create new jobs and enterprises so that students who graduated from the university could receive decent work in Ukraine. There should be a practical laboratory at every university. Out task for the near future is to find companies that have professional experience in a particular area and that will work with the university and create new laboratories. Students should be able to quickly introduce their theoretical knowledge into practice, even if they are mistaken,” the head of the supervisory board at Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Vasyl Khmelnytsky

According to the report, “certification of measuring equipment for Ukrainian enterprises will be conducted at the center, and students and specialists will be able to study the work of equipment for 3D scanning and reverse modeling, as well as new 3D printers.”

According to Rector of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute Yevhen Sokol, today graduates should be able to effectively use theoretical knowledge that they receive, and this is impossible without modern equipment.

“The state has already provided what it could provide, so today the only opportunity is business that is vitally interested in getting good and modern staff. It can support higher education at the world level. It is the combination of business and education that helps us open such laboratories, which will teach our students with the help of the most advanced equipment,” Sokol said

The laboratory is equipped with a universal tool for three-dimensional measurements and digitization, a portable coordinate-measuring system for high-precision measurements at extremely long distances, a 3D scanner, and a 3D printer.