To go to a higher level, we need a new environment — Vasyl Khmelnytsky, founder of UFuture

The trap we often fall into when trying to achieve our goal is to work and learn even more. Unfortunately, if you just work longer, you get a little more of what you already have. And to move to a new level, you need other relationships, connections, and surroundings write the founder of the holding company UFuture Vasyl Khmelnytsky in a column for MC.Today.

Where to find

What is a new relationship? Where do we find them? As a rule, at the forums, training, seminars. But bringing hundreds of business cards from the forum, laying them out on the table, and never communicating with these people is useless. It is better to bring two or three contacts from each event, with whom you will be able to work deeply in the future, says the entrepreneur.

"Outwardly, it seems that I am a closed person, but every year there are two or three people around me who are interesting to me, with whom we keep in touch, from whom I take something interesting for myself and to whom I give something," explained Khmelnytsky.

Break the relationship that is pulling you back

The second important principle is not only to create new relationships but also to break old ones that pull you back. For example, a person no longer grows, or constantly complains about life, or you have known him for a long time, but you are no longer comfortable in one company — these are the first bells.

“I recommend making a list of people you would like to meet and see where you can meet them. Usually, if you are an entrepreneur, it will be business seminars or forums. Learn what the person is interested in and go to meet him. It definitely works,” the businessman advised.

Do not be afraid to learn from such people. If you find a mentor, you need to become a student. Get advice, implement, share experiences and move forward.

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