The road to success: 5 primary skills from the managing partner of UNIT.City

Constantine Yevtushenko, managing partner UNIT.City

If you consider the world as a game, you need to follow all the rules and have the necessary facilities — the so-called soft and hard skills that will help you become a winner. Managing Partner of UNIT.City Costiantine Yevtushenko told MC.Today readers about the five main features of a successful person.


Meet, negotiate, listen and trust each other. Otherwise, you will have to fight, micromanage, be exhausted and unmotivated.


Decide for yourself how fast to grow, but never stop there. You’ll lose if you don’t learn something new in at least a week.


Want to be competitive in the market of the future — immediately increase your creativity. Don’t be afraid to express ideas. In this case, your courage is a catalyst for the team.


Developed ability to analyze, plan, and implement strategy through team efforts increases the business’s sustainability and manageability.


This quality helps to become a reliable partner and find the partner with relevant status and level of satisfaction with work for you.

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