Olena Dobrorodneva, UFuture

“The priority in the crisis is to keep the business,” Olena Dobrorodneva, Director of Organizational Development of UFuture

In times of crisis, companies should do something that has not always been a priority, and therefore not a skill — to review their budgets and think about their effectiveness. Olena Dobrorodneva, Director of Organizational Development of UFuture, speaking at the HR-marathon from ekonomika+, gave a number of tips to businesses looking for the right corporate solutions during the crisis.

The HR-expert is convinced that every business, before making a decision to optimize its costs, must decide on its global strategy and answer the question — to be a company or not to be.

And only then, what strategy to follow – expansion, stability or economy. Its also important to understand which key employee groups are important to retain and possibly improve. And these are not always top managers.

During the period of isolation and after quarantine, all employees must understand that this time is not just a challenge. It is a kind of global probationary period, and everyone’s task is to keep business as an integral and top priority. This test will clearly divide employees into those who are with you and those who care only for personal interests. As in a good family — during the crisis, everyone acts in harmony and shares difficult times with the head of the family, and in the case of the company — with its owner.

Olena Dobrorodneva believes that now the business is facing a serious challenge, the decline will be deep, and the recovery — long-term.

Among the costs that can be optimized by the company, HR-expert identifies the following:

  • the salary fund of top management and line personnel during the quarantine period and employees with potential should be transferred to other positions, if possible;
  • in fact, all inefficient employees must leave the company, namely now, in the remote mode of operation is very noticeable efficiency or lack thereof;
  • departments with special privileges should be cut or abolished altogether.

Is also worth remembering that one of the important goals of companies is to maximize budgets for training and staff development, as joint mental exercises are the basis for the development of team culture and a serious motivation for smart people.