Technological evolution: how UNIT.City becomes a place of innovation, entrepreneurship and growth of companies and people

UNIT.City innovation park

Does location determine a company’s success? Yes, if it’s an ecosystem of an innovation park, where the maximum concentration of powerful companies, ideas and talents is maintained. Liga.Tech has been a resident of the Ukrainian innovation park UNIT.City, a partner of the holding company UFuture, for about half a month, and in its publication spoke about the features of the world’s innovation centres and the capabilities of the largest Ukrainian prototype “Silicon Valley”.

What is the logic of innovation parks?

  • In 1890, the economist Alfred Marshall first wrote that placing similar businesses in one place could save money, including the rapid spread of innovation and the growth of professional skills — the “industrial atmosphere in the air”.
  • Over the past 20 years, a new generation of people with different requirements for working conditions has grown up. Modern innovation parks are becoming the place where foreign investors, partners and clients come first. In their territory, it’s possible to get a creative atmosphere, meet a community of people with similar values ​​and be able to effectively maintain a work-life balance, rather than spend 3 hours a day on the way to work.

What’s the economy of the world and Ukrainian innovation parks?

  • Usually, the innovation park is an old and unusable plant or industrial zone. Innovation parks are often built in the city on the principle of revitalization: old objects get a new life, and neighbourhoods provide a wider field for creative industries.
  • Innovative parks earn money through rent and services provided to park residents, as well as through the sale or rent of local housing. With the right internal and external interaction, such centres can give a powerful impetus to the country’s economy.

What is special about the UNIT.City innovation park?

  • In addition to a powerful architectural and locational component, UNIT.City provides the strength of the ecosystem and infrastructure — to be at the epicentre of events and to be able to meet a future partner or investor just in the corridor of campuses.
  • Within the ecosystem you can get PR support, access to market research, laboratories (FabLab Fabricator, Sensorama VR/AR Lab, Blockchain Lab, Metinvest Digital Lab), UNIT.Advice expert advice in 12 areas (marketing, SEO, sales, the development business, investment attraction, etc.), programmers from ucode school and many other projects.
  • Both residents and guests of the innovation park have access to local accelerators and incubators, which help to grow the project and bring it to a new level. These include the Sector X accelerator hub, the NEST Bootcamp program, the Radar Tech startup accelerator and the Indax production accelerator.
  • UNIT.City also provides the opportunity to join IT and business schools for small and medium businesses. These are, in particular, ucode IT academy and UNIT School of Business.

Read more about the opportunities of the innovation park, its formal and informal bonuses, as well as how and to whom to become a resident of UNIT.City in the publication via the link.