If the business takes a lot of energy and does not bring money, forget about it. Close it and start another one. Why? Because life goes by in the blink of an eye. Non-profit business can remain unprofitable in the future, and money must be earned today, explained the founder of UFuture holding company Vasyl Khmelnytsky during a meeting with students of Big Money University, Yevhen Chernyak’s educational project, on December 15 in UNIT.City innovation park.

Here are the key quotes from the meeting:

  • “Some believe that there are talented people and, of course, untalented. So one succeeds, and another no. I do not believe it. If you do something for a long time, develop your skills, you will definitely be successful.”
  • “Usually, people from small towns are more successful than those who grew up in megacities. They work harder, make more responsible decisions. ”
  • “The team should not just be motivated by money. They should be given a share of the profit. Look for talented people, give them a percentage of profits. Otherwise, they will leave you and become your competitors.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to invest in various businesses.”
  • “All big projects start small.”
  • “Only a personality can create a team. If you are a leader, you can create a team.”
  • “Don’t look for people who agree with you on everything. You need people who argue with you. For example, my team changes my mind in about 60% of cases. Because each of them is deeper in something. And if I am digging in my heels, I will soon be left alone.”
  • “There is no skill that can teach you to lead a team right now.”
  • “I have many hobbies: I love sports, chess, skiing, meetings with friends. But my biggest passion is business. I don’t just love it, I’m, in a good way, obsessed with business. It’s a challenge for me. “
  • “There are no negative experiences, there are experiences that cause us negative emotions. Even when you have lost money, and it naturally causes you negative emotions, you have learned something. That is, you had a positive experience.”
"Many will say, give me the money, and I know how to spend it. Believe me, you don't. There are many examples in the world when people won $100-200 million and went bankrupt. They were not ready for this money. They did not know how to calculate costs, build processes. If I was given $100 million at 15% per annum today, I would not take it. I would not know where to invest. I would take $20 million at 10%, I have few projects there, but no more. The more a person understands, the more careful he or she is." said UFuture's founder.