Kyiv International Economic Forum

SWOT-analysis of the Ukrainian economy by Vasyl Khmelnytsky and Anatolii Amelin

The exit of the Ukrainian economy from the crisis is possible only with a comprehensive analysis of this situation and potential risks and prospects. As part of a special project of the Kyiv International Economic Forum #insightsKIEF, the founder of the holding company UFuture Vasyl Khmelnytsky and co-founder of the analytical centre “Ukrainian Institute for the Future” Anatolii Amelin conducted a SWOT-analysis of the Ukrainian economy for 2020.


  • human capital;
  • favourable geographical location and logistics opportunities;
  • natural resource reserves worth more than $1 trillion;
  • developed IT industry;
  • black soil and the agricultural sector, which can increase the production of finished products;
  • powerful energy and military-industrial complexes.


  • political instability;
  • lack of economic development strategy, support for entrepreneurs, transparent rules and healthy law enforcement and judicial system;
  • expensive loans and dependence on imports;
  • the high administrative burden on business;
  • the low purchasing power of the population.


  • conditions for conducting a pragmatic comprehensive economic national policy for the development of innovative industries;
  • the potential to become one of the global guarantors of food security;
  • significant volumes for hydrocarbon storage and developed infrastructure for electricity transit;
  • opportunities for growth of domestic tourism — every year Ukrainians spend about $ 8 billion abroad, and local players can master part of these resources;
  • actively developing pharmaceuticals;
  • medical tourism — in the global market, health care services in Ukraine in some niches are relatively cheap and high quality.


  • climate change — in particular, the southern regions of Ukraine already need land reclamation;
  • the global transition from globalism to national protectionism;
  • new military conflicts;
  • labour migration, which washes out highly qualified personnel and labour from the country;
  • reduction of global demand for biofuels, which may lead to a decline in exports of certain agricultural crops from Ukraine.

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