Sector X Acceleration Platform

Sector X introduced partners and startups at the launch of the accelerator hub

The official launch of the Sector X Acceleration Platform has taken place at UNIT.City Innovative Park. The company’s mission is to promote innovative development through smart work with startups and businesses. Among the features of the hub are acceleration platform, industrial tracks, reception of startups throughout the year, sessions with experts, park ecosystem, and investment promotion.

“At UNIT.City we are building an innovative ecosystem in which startups will play a key role in the future. It is valuable to us that big business is joining a partnership in the Sector X acceleration hub. Companies are ready to invest their experience, knowledge and mentoring in support of Ukrainian teams. The products they developed may revolutionize industries and be successful in the world. And we will be glad that such projects are based in Ukraine,” Vasyl Khmelnytsky, founder of UFuture, said.

The announced program is already the fourth in the company account. The first three were non-public and short-term, as the team tested different acceleration formats. Its features are the ability to pass at a comfortable pace for up to 10 months (as opposed to the standardized 2-3 months), entry at any stage of business development and the absence of requirements from the hub to obtain the company’s share.

At the launch of platform Andriy Komarovsky, CEO of Sector X, introduced his corporate partners — “L’Oréal Group” on BeautyTech, “Foxtrot” on Logistics and JSC “Farmak” on MedTech. Selected participants by partners introduced their startups — seven on the BeautyTech track, four on the Logistics track and three on the MedTech track.

“The selection of startups was organized in two stages. The first — on the adequacy and overall compliance with the requirements of the track. We did it ourselves. The second stage was done by the track partners and a more detailed examination of the team with the involvement of specialists within their company,” Andriy Komarovsky, CEO of Sector X, said.

Selected projects:

  • Tocan — a device for accurately measuring the volume of items in logistics;
  • UNIORDER — a cloud-based integrated sales, order, and inventory management system;
  • Bazzilla — B2B marketplaces for online retail products;
  • Sovtes — an online solution for efficient cargo management;
  • Perfectly — a mobile app for the perfect makeup based on a 3D face scanner;
  • NLSQL Software — a system of structured search for relevant information in large corporations and a chatbot for co-operative needs;
  • AlmexECM — a platform for business process automation, electronic document flow, and a corporate communications tool;
  • GoBeauty Studios — an app where beauty industry employees can find, book, and pay for individually-equipped turnkey offices;
  • Supplio — a platform for effective communication between beauty and beauty providers;
  • ARena — a platform that helps use augmented reality technologies at no cost;
  • Xcard one — smart business card and marketplace that allows you to share information via QR code;
  • AssayMe — home diabetes test in 2 minutes;
  • Caretech Human — analysis for any disease using the established IoT solution in the toilet;
  • HeartIn Inc — creating smart wellness clothing with built-in nano-electrode sensors for cardio-diagnostics and psychological health monitoring.

The accelerator hub plans to open new tracks and engage partners in the law, retail and agrarian businesses, expand its business to more than 50 startups and launch a venture ecosystem around the platform.

You can apply to join the program or become an accelerator hub partner by following the link.