Sector X accelerator: men behind Ukrainian beauty startups

Who but the beauty industry knows all the innovative benefits of science, technology and new product promotion channels? The modern woman won’t have time to blink as she has already gotten a consultation and signed up for the next one online, received personalized recommendations, new shadows and mascaras with smart logistics and VR and AI technologies for innovative solutions to improve the consumer experience.

Accelerator Sector X with the partner of its beauty track — the company L’Oréal — in special project tells the example of their startups about improving and developing one of the most popular industries in the world.

A plume of fantasy

Decades ago, individual cosmetics, based on artificial intelligence at home, seemed the subject of a futuristic utopia. Now, this smart device is called Perso. In 2020, L’Oreal presented the device at the International Consumer Electronics Show in the United States. And this wouldn’t have happened if the international cosmetics conglomerate had not noticed and bought a French accelerator startup.

Station F

The emergence of Paris’s largest startup, Station F, in 2017, has been a powerful catalyst for the acceleration of health and beauty products. Most campus companies are beauty-tech products that improve e-commerce platform customers’ experience, use machine learning to create a real-time portrait of the consumer, and provide the most accurate personalized advice and advice online.

Sector X

Ukraine doesn’t lag behind the country of perfumes and prêt-à-porter because it understands the prospects of IoT, AI, AR and digital beauty-tech direction in general. Confirmation: industrial track for startups of the accelerator hub Sector X based in UNIT.City. And it is no coincidence that the partner of the beauty-tech track is L’Oréal Ukraine.

The CEOs of the startups presented on the track spoke about developing the domestic digital embodiment of the health and beauty industry.

  • GoBeauty Studios

Artem Zakharov, CEO of the application for online registration for services to beauty masters, says that its primary mission is to take away from private masters all the routine processes to free up time for creativity. The procedures are keeping records, reminding customers about it, constant organizational communication, and that the product can solve.

  • Almexoft

Igor Prykhodko, CEO of the low-code platform, says that the number of users is overgrowing — if, in 2018, there were 6439, in early 2020, the total number of active connoisseurs was already 12,635. The platform is engaged in business process automation and electronic document management. The main differences from analogues are the presence of a document editor and a mobile version.

  • Supplio

Startup’s CEO Adam Golovenko noted that as a result of using an automated replenishment platform for the cosmetics industry, suppliers would reduce the amount of physical work and get the opportunity to communicate more often with customers for feedback.

Read more about the subtleties of development and crazy results of the beauty-tech industry’s progress and the impact of acceleration programs on it in the material via the link.