Real estate, stocks or bitcoins: where to invest, — Vasyl Khmelnytsky, founder of UFuture

If the money is in the account or at home, it does not work. On the contrary, they are getting cheaper. For example, if you have $1000 and she has been lying under a pillow or in a safe for a year, her purchasing power will fall by 4%. What to do to start earning money? Vasyl Khmelnytsky, the founder of the UFuture holding company, talks about this in a column for MC.Today.

Real estate

Everyone loves passive income, and the most common of them is real estate. Theoretically, it can grow in value and bring from 4% to 8%. This is not bad. If the annual inflation is 4% and the rent is 8%, you will earn 4%.

Bank deposit

“You need to be very careful here, because a bank deposit in foreign currency today brings 2-3%. If it is a western reliable bank, it can be 0% or the reverse interest rate. That is, you will have to pay extra for putting money in the bank,” Vasyl Khmelnytskyi said.

If, for example, you received 2% from the bank, and inflation was 4%, then, unfortunately, you lost 2%.


They are usually issued by government agencies when a country wants to borrow money. If you buy bonds, you get a fairly reliable income of 6-8%. But no more.


Everyone loves them, especially when they say that Tesla shares have grown by 100% over the year. But I want to warn you: stocks have big risks, especially when the company’s business is going down. Therefore, it is usually recommended to buy a portfolio of shares of different companies – from the medical industry, technology, food, and more.


This is a complex process: you can quickly earn on cryptocurrency, and lose even faster.

“I do not recommend investing more than 5% of your savings in cryptocurrencies. If you see that it has grown, sell it immediately and fix it with money. Ray Dalio said that when the cryptocurrency threatens the dollar, it will be closed altogether and everyone will lose money,” Khmelnytsky continued.

A reliable investment is the purchase of precious metals, such as gold. It is gradually rising in price, albeit slowly.

Finally, said the founder of UFuture, analysts predict a crisis in the next six months, a year or two. In such conditions, those who have “live” money, cash, will have a great advantage.

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