Serhii Komberyanov, Lean Institute Ukraine

President of Lean Institute Ukraine Serhii Komberyanov will speak at the SME Forum Reboot 2020

The SME Forum “Reboot 2020” will take place on September 4, 2020 in the UNIT.City innovation park. In his interview at Fakty ICTV, the speaker of the forum — the president of Lean Institute Ukraine Serhii Komberyanov spoke about the changes in approaches to business education as a result of the pandemic and how the event will help entrepreneurs gain relevant knowledge and look at business processes in a new way.

According to the top manager, the crisis is not the time for philosophical conversations about economic development, so the search for practical and quick solutions comes to the fore. And the issues of business education in Ukraine are becoming more relevant than ever. In particular, the innovator in the application of Lean-methodology for business optimization highlights a number of important facts.

  • Entrepreneurs are not ready to study the historical preconditions for the formation of market relations and immerse themselves in philosophical issues, so practical cases are a priority in business education.
  • Why Lean need for business? To focus on solving problems at no extra cost and optimize processes.
  • Among the latest successful cases of the Lean technique is the rapid improvement of Aerostar in 3 days (reduction of production space at the equipment installation site by 40%, as well as reduction of installation time by 27%, led to a 33% increase in productivity).

Serhii Komberyanov will talk more about what approaches should be used in business in a crisis and where to find quality mentoring at an event aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses identify promising areas in a changing world, equip them with the necessary knowledge and tools and inspire a powerful restart.

Find out the details and register for the SME Forum “Reboot 2020” by following the link.