“Outdoor advertising becomes the main channel of information during a pandemic,” Tatiana Denysiuk, PR Director of “RTM-Ukraine”

Quarantine has dealt a significant blow to the outdoor advertising business, the main value of which is pedestrian and car traffic. In addition, most brands have revised their marketing budgets and prioritized digital activities, leaving boards and city lights for better times. However, there are a number of arguments that outdoor advertising in quarantine works, said Tetiana Denysiuk, PR director of “RTM-Ukraine”.

Among the advantages of advertising on external media, it, in particular, identifies the following factors:

  • the mobility provided by outdoor advertising — the plot for outdoor media to make much faster and easier than investing in a video or other indoor advertising;
  • the statement “the flow of people on the streets has decreased — so the desire to do outdoor advertising doesn’t make sense” is not true. Now the focus has simply changed: the structures in the sleeping areas are more relevant than in the centre;
  • quarantine has improved the quality of outdoor contact;
  • outdoor advertising gives marketers the flexibility to plan and budget when they need to stop or launch a campaign quickly. This comes in handy if you need to quickly change the brand’s messages according to reality;
  • when the quarantine is over, people will take to the streets en masse — and the time they will spend outside the home will be considerable. For outdoor advertising, this is a good opportunity to seize the moment.

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