“Our development will be provided by technologies, accelerators, investments and partner programs,” Vasyl Khmelnytsky

Vasyl Khmelnytsky, UFuture

Today, Ukraine is on the 56th place in the ranking of innovative economies of the world and on the 31st — in the list of countries favourable for startups. But if we combine entrepreneurial energy with support from business and the state, we will be able to take a leading position in world rankings, says the founder of the holding company UFuture and innovation park UNIT.City Vasyl Khmelnytsky.

In his column for MC.Today, the entrepreneur spoke about the potential of Ukraine and the chances of becoming an innovative state.

  • We will gain a much higher rate of development when we stop exporting raw materials and start trading in value-added products. Thanks to the development of production and concentration of technology companies, for the first time in six years, Germany managed to move South Korea from the leading position in the world ranking of innovative countries.
  • Germany is home to one of Europe’s most advanced technology hubs — The Industriepark Höchst. Now more than 90 scientific and production companies are located here, 22 thousand specialists are employed. Such an example inspires the first Ukrainian innovation park UNIT.City.
  • We have two paths to the status of a developed country with a prosperous economy. First: selectively develop production and technology, and this is a long and stony path for everyone. Second: to create ecosystems and unite the efforts of domestic enterprises, startups, innovators in order to move forward quickly and achieve high results. At UNIT.City we create comfortable conditions for development, scaling and partnerships.
  • When hundreds of manufacturing companies appear in Ukraine, employing thousands of people, it will affect the country’s economy and everyone’s financial stability.

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