ITernal, a group of IT companies and an ecosystem of tech solutions

ITernal is a joint group of company of UFuture and InSoft Partners that specializes in IT outsourcing. It develops software on a turnkey basis and provides software consultancy services that help its customers to launch new-generation products and create value throughout their whole life cycle. The team of ITernal has many years of experience working with giants like Ericsson, Telcordia, Chrysler, Samsung, DiGi, Avid, and BNP Paribas Group.

Services provided by ITernal:

  • from PoC/MVP-services for start-ups to traditional software development for SMEs and large enterprises
  • from scalability consultancy to training, hiring, and professional development provider
  • from R&D set-up to IT M&A advisory

InSoft Partners is responsible for market research and acquisition of IT companies, their subsequent consolidation, and strategic management and development. In turn, UFuture will use its international relationship map to build new strategic partnerships and contribute to the organic growth of the business. Today, ITernal is a majority shareholder in IT companies Lenal and Rozdoum, which it plans to expand rapidly through the development of a new marketing strategy and a series of international roadshows.

InSoft Partners is an investment managing company that invests in IT business and provides M&A advisory services. Having a team with extensive experience in developing IT companies, InSoft Partners is involved in the operating activities of portfolio companies, which contributes to their rapid growth (through lead generation, changes in business processes, etc). Among the company’s counterparties are the famous American investment fund, Oak Tree Capital Management, and FinPoint/Rothschild&Co.