Denys Kostrzhevsky, Kyiv International Airport

Kyiv Airport will extend the runway in cooperation with local authorities

Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport plans to extend the runway and improve the performance of landing systems, Denys Kostrzhevsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kyiv International Airport, said in an exclusive interview to “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“Kyiv Airport has a runway length of 2,350 thousand meters and is located in the central part of the city. Accordingly, its landing systems allow aircraft to take off and take on under certain weather conditions. In order to be able to serve aircraft under all weather conditions and to serve aircraft of a larger size of Kyiv Airport, it’s necessary to upgrade the category of the airfield,” Denys Kostrzhevsky said.

The top manager noted that a master plan for the reconstruction of the airfield which has five different options has already been developed. Each of them envisages the extension of the runway by 550 m, improvement of the characteristics of landing systems (light signaling, radio navigation, radio control). The estimated cost of the work ranges from €80 million to €100 million.

“We need to solve two problems. The first is the allocation of land, the second — the allocation or raising money. You can raise money in different ways: you can take out a loan or call for a concession. If the city takes decision about the concession, then surely “Master-Avia,” the company operating the airport, — will participate in this competition,” Kostrzhevsky added.

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