Oleksiy Honcharuk and Mykola Tymoshchuk, KIEF-2019

KIEF-2019: Ukraine must be trusted. Prime Minister’s accents

The priorities of the government, investment attractiveness of the country, and civilizational choices for the future. These issues are the focus of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Oleksiy Honcharuk, at the special thematic panel of Kyiv International Economic Forum-2019. Mykola Tymoshchuk, CEO of UFuture, moderates the discussion. Despite Saturday morning, there are no seats available in the hall.

We continue the series of reports from the year’s main business event a strategic partner of which is UFuture holding company.

The head of the government outlined the key tasks of the state and discussed what should be done to create a favorable business atmosphere in Ukraine in his speech to the participants of KIEF.

“Our country has made the choice towards the future. We’ve got the youngest president who wants to change this country. We’ve got the youngest parliament to elect the youngest government. This is definitely a choice for the benefit of the new future and the new generation. If you’re scared, you lose at the start. In the future, there will be no place for large, resource-based monopolies. The main resource of the future is information and reputation,” Oleksiy Honcharuk emphasized.

The Prime Minister also named key decisions that the government is ready to make in the near future.

“We plan to remove barriers and restrictions on land sales, capital movements, and labor market regulation. The role of a Ukrainian in the economy should increase and the role of the state should decrease. Therefore, privatization is another of our priorities. We must put things in order in monopolies. We need to create an effective Anti-Monopoly Committee, normal regulators and rules. We must put an end to fraud and raiding. The Ministry of Justice of the past government had too many personal interests. During two months of the new Ministry of Justice’s work, the number of applications from people affected by the raid has dropped by several times. My goal is to have no applications at all. We also need honest courts. The judicial system needs to be reformed. It may take a few months. But I don’t doubt that the situation will improve every day,” Honcharuk added.

The Prime Minister emphasized that Ukraine has not only huge potential, but also a “homework” to increase the investment attractiveness of the state.

“The world wants to believe in Ukraine, and we must justify that trust. To do this, you need to not be afraid and take resolute steps. We need to do our homework. We have a fantastic country in potential. Here is much more for a foreign investor to do than in it’s in their jurisdictions. It’s interesting to invest here, the only problem is that there are very high risks. And our task is to prove that we can be trusted. We just have to start executing contracts as a country and as a society. Both internally and externally,” the Prime Minister said.